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Wellness Challenge 1.2 - Sleep Naked

image viaHave you ever wondered why we go from cute naked babies to clothed adults who are often uncomfortable with nudity? If you have a baby, or have been around one recently, you may have noticed that when they are all covered up, they are less active. Regardless of age, our skin must be allowed to breath so it remains healthy. Most of us feel healthier in the summer when we wear less and expose our skin to the sun and outdoor elements. Often times skin irritations clear up when proper ventilation is introduced. While going naked outdoors will probably never become socially acceptable in our Western culture, you can improve your health by sleeping naked.

What are some of the benefits to sleeping naked other than feeling sexier and sparking intimacy with your partner? Dr. Charles J. Bae from the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center tells us that it's easier to regulate your body temperature. Instead of having to get up to take off/put on a piece of clothing, you can simply pile on or throw off the covers, which creates a less disruptive sleep. If you keep your bedroom at the wellness approve temperature of 65°F, you'll burn more calories in your sleep as your body works harder to stay warm. Plus sleeping naked protects our most private parts. In women it gives an area of the body that is covered all day, in a way that traps heat and moisture, the opportunity to breath. For men it can improve fertility by giving the entire body a chance to regulate to one even temperature. So, for those of you that have kids or are worried about an emergency: lock the door and keep a bathrobe handy!

Overall Wellness Round Up:

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