Exploring DESIGN: Thailand to Tokyo



Coolhunting, the experts in all that's stylish in travel, art and culture, explored the design scene from Thailand to Tokyo. They hit so many Pravassa hot spots, you'd think they followed us on our wellness vacations! Take a look at their picks in Thailand and Tokyo to see if you had some of these on your hit list. 

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Nosara | Costa Rica



Just back from our latest vacation, we find ourselves returning to Nosara time and time again. The chillaxed vibe is a magnet for surfers and yogi's who are seeking delicious organic eats and a place to be at one with nature. The unpaved dirt roads keep the town intimate while it still attracts expats from around the globe. The sustainability mission prohibits building within 200 meters of the beach, which means you can see the spectacular sunsets in all directions. Check out the gallery of our latest wellness travel finds. 

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Travel: A portal into presence



Initially, we travel to escape, but ultimately, travel allows us to re-enter our lives. We travel to widen the lens of our worldview, to gain an embodied experience of how time has impacted the way of life for those outside of the neighborhood in which we live. Time is a curious thing. Moment-to-moment it’s passing, but yet, our hurried lives keep us in constricted mind states outside of the present moment. Personally, travel gets me out of the microcosm of my life – clearing blocked channels clouding my heart and getting beneath the film of stress where compassion flows freely. As I check all of my certainties about life at plane door, what I am sure about is that I’ll return from my journey with a deeper sense of belonging to the world we share. - Lena Franklin

Want more from Lena? Join us in Thailand for our mindful meditation tour. 

Read Lena's full article, which includes tips on how to be more present during travel here.

Eliminate THE Stress of International Travel



You're floating on a cloud. The sound of the ocean crashing to shore is your soundtrack. The sun is warming your face. Then smack - you're elbowed out of the way by a frantic traveler who is panicking at the thought of a missed flight. Come to think of it, if this Customs line doesn't start moving you're going to be running to make your connection too. You start checking your phone while a cold sweat starts to make it's way down your body. Bye bye vacation bliss. Hello airport nightmare.

I've lived this scene and watched it play out many times in airports across the country. That is before I discovered the ultimate wellness hack for the airport: Global Entry. Now, the average time it takes me to make my way off the plane, through Customs to curbside, (I only travel with carry-on luggage) is roughly 8 minutes. 8 MINUTES!! 

So what is Global Entry exactly? A US Customs and Boarder Control program that allows for expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States (plus a handful of airports in Canada, Ireland, the Caribbean and Abu Dhabi). For a $100 fee and an appointment at one of the airport centers, you can get approved for Global Entry for 5-years. Not only does this make entry into the US super easy and hassle-free, but your boarding passes are almost always TSA Pre-Check approved; meaning no wait in the security line when you arrive for departure. No more taking off your shoes, no more taking out your laptop and those travel toiletries can stay put. It's already making you feel less stressed right? 

While Global Entry and TSA Pre-Check is not available at every airport in the US, (see full list here) it is available at all the major hubs for international travel including JFK, EWR, LAX, SFO, MIA, ORD, MSP, DFW, ATL and IAH (all the airports I've had the pleasure of missing a connection at). If you plan on traveling internationally twice in the next 5-years, or even domestically and want to head straight for the TSA Pre-Check line, Global Entry is worth the investment in your wellness. I can tell you from personal experience that it makes retaining your vacation bliss completely doable and softens your re-entry into the real world big time. - Linden Schaffer

In a relationship? Now's the best time to travel.



We travel for a living so we know the benefits it brings to our own relationship. Brit+CO recently published this great article with input from relationship counselor Rebecca Nilson on the benefits of traveling without your partner.

1. You fall back in love with yourself. “It’s important people maintain their identity in a relationship. You come together as one, but for a healthy, long-term relationship, it’s important to have your own hobby. This could mean traveling and being apart.”

2. You learn how to appreciate new experiences and communicate them. “Learning to communicate is a skill… we practice it, we make mistakes, we hopefully learn and then do it better next time. This is critical in long-distance relationships.”

3. Your relationship is tested. “As with any healthy relationship, I think three components must be there: trust, loyalty and commitment. Good things take work, maintenance. Especially relationships. It takes two and both people must be willing to commit.”

4. You go beyond hookups. “Each day, choose that person. Let them know you still choose them, each and every day. If you find yourself in a committed relationship that brings your partner far away for some time, it takes effort, but it is often worth it.”

5. You learn how to keep the romance alive. “In this day and age, it’s easy to stay connected. To send a ‘thinking of you’ message, we have FaceTime and Skype. You can still have dates if one person is traveling overseas for a week, a month or even a year.”

Read the full article on the Brit+CO website.

Get Wet Baby



A soak does a body good. We've been raving about the curative powers of baths ever since we wrote about our first visit to Aire Ancient Baths in 2013. Now our friends at Goop have put together some awesome information on The Bath-Based Detox.

"While it’s not news that baths—particularly when conducted in gorgeous tubs—are relaxing, most of America never takes them. Showers are faster, less drying to skin, and dramatically more water-efficient; the American Institute of Architects reports that bigger showers, not bigger tubs, have become the bathroom renovation of choice; realtors say home buyers request them more often now, too." 

Click to read the full article on the Goop site.

Tokyo | Japan



Our latest scouting trip to Tokyo gave us a glimpse into this futurist city and demystified many of our assumptions about Japan. Yes there are robots! No they are not flying around the streets! Expensive taxi rides and $10 cups of coffee can break any budget if you're not careful, yet with the country being super safe, there's no reason to spend any time in your hotel room. Take the expansive metro system to visit older neighborhoods or just walk the streets for some of the best people watching and window shopping around. Check out the gallery of our latest wellness travel finds. 

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Your Posture is Affecting Your Physical + Mental Health



There are an endless amount of good things we should be doing for our health. Eating clean, going to the gym, taking supplements, not watching Netflix late into the night, etc. And truth be told, a lot of these healthy habits take a lot of effort. Luckily, we can think of one change you can make that requires practically no effort at all: It’s time to improve your posture! You may think your bad posture is only affecting how tall you appear, but the scary truth is that it can affect both your physical and mental health. Depression, muscle fatigue, stress level and confidence all come into play when our posture is poor. But there's hope! 

Read the complete article and get tips on how to make improvements starting now from The Everygirl team.




This modern spa in the expat haven of Seminyak is located just off the main drag. Streamlined in its design of all white and natural wood, the 10 chaise lounge chairs fit comfortably in the small, but well laid out space. The 4 treatment options at Chill makes it easy to decide how you want to spend your time and a welcome foot wash and cup of tea helps you start the relaxation process right away.

Let a skilled therapist usher you into deep relaxation as they focus on rubbing your tired feet and ankles (perfect after a day of sightseeing and shopping). You'll be given a towel and an iPod, preloaded with perfect zen-like music to drift off to. If you've never booked a spa appointment for just your feet, what are you waiting for? It is pure heaven to have your feet rubbed and acupressure points pushed. You'll be hard pressed to find another spa in Seminyak that offers these kinds of treatments for this kind of price. 

COST: $17/ The Classic                                            LENGTH: 60 MINUTES

7 travel mistakes made in Europe + how to avoid them



Mistake while traveling are impossible to avoid, but they are only meaningful if you can learn from them. We've made our fair share, but this list from Rick Steves' is an important reminder of what to remember before you hit the road. Here's what he has to say:

1) Saving money at the expense of time. People focus on saving money while forgetting that their time is an equally valuable and limited resource. It’s worth paying for museum admission rather than going on a free day and suffering through slow lines and crowds. If a taxi costs you and your partner $5 more than two bus tickets, it’s worth the 20 minutes saved. If ever time was money, it’s when you’re trying to get the most out of traveling abroad.

2) Traveling with outdated information. A guidebook can head off both costly mistakes (getting fined for not validating your train ticket) and simple faux pas (ordering cappuccino with your pasta in Italy). A good guidebook can also save time, keeping you from visiting a museum that’s closed for renovation, waiting for a bus that no longer runs, and…

3) Waiting in line, needlessly. Crowds are unavoidable at big attractions — but what is avoidable is standing in line for hours to buy tickets. These days, most popular sights sell advance tickets that guarantee admission at a certain time (often with a small booking fee that’s well worth it). While hundreds of tourists are sweating in long lines, those who’ve booked ahead can show up at their reserved time and breeze right in.

4) Not being alert to scammers and thieves. You’re not going to get knifed or mugged in Europe. But if you’re not on the ball, you could get conned, whether it’s a cabbie padding your fare, a waiter offering a special with a “special” increased price, or a beggar with beautiful eyes, beautiful children, and sad stories asking for a euro — and stealing your wallet. Be cautious, and be alert. And watch for thieves, who work the lines at crowded sights and on the bus lines handiest for tourists. 

5) Never leaving the tourist zone. Many people jockey themselves into the most crowded spot of the most crowded city — and then complain about the crowds. Likewise, they eat dinner on the most touristy street at the most high-profile restaurant with the most aggressive sales pitch, then are upset by the big bill and disappointing food. You’ll enrich your trip by wandering the back streets, away from the main tourist area.

6) Never leaving your comfort zone. A fundamental goal in my travels is to have meaningful contact with local people. Connecting with people is what enlivens your travel experience. And for many of us, that means getting out of our comfort zones.

7) Letting mistakes ruin your trip. Many tourists get indignant when they make a mistake or get ripped off. When something happens, it’s best to get over it. The joy of travel is not the sights and not necessarily doing it right — it’s having fun with the process, being wonder-struck with a wider world, laughing through the mistakes and learning from them, and making friends along the way.

Want to make it even easier on yourself and be guaranteed avoid #1 - #7 next time? Travel with Pravassa to Spain in September and we'll show you a great time without any issues at all!

To read the full original article, please visit here.