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Well On The Road: Susie Ellis

Our Travel Tuesday series cozies up to fabulous entrepreneurs who spend countless hours away from home in the name of their passion. Here we asked them to share some of their secrets for staying well on the road.

Susie Ellis | Spafinder WellnessSusie Ellis
President of Spafinder Wellness, Inc.® and Chairman & CEO of Global Spa & Wellness Summit
most recently in: Morocco & Hong Kong

The one snack you can always find in my carry on is... 
Water is the one thing in my carry on (purchased after security of course). I prefer not to carry snacks because it generally adds calories to my day, and I end up eating them even if I am not hungry

Tell us your in-flight rituals.
I dress in layers and prefer all natural fibers like 100% cotton. I always have a warm scarf that I can throw around my neck, a pair of socks and usually my jean jacket, which doesn’t wrinkle. Then I am ready for whatever fluctuations in temperature might arise– and there are usually many. On a long distance flight I always bring my plush eye blinders that block out any light but are roomy enough so my eyelashes don't get smooshed. I generally wear very little make up when traveling and take my earrings off for maximum comfort.   

How do you conquer jet lag once you've arrived?
Part way through a flight I set my watch to the arrival location time so I can click into gear with that time zone immediately when I arrive. If it is breakfast time, I eat breakfast...if it's time for bed, I go to bed, etc. I don't think back to what time it is at home at all. There are three things I use to help me ease into the new time zone more quickly: a cup of coffee in the morning, as much sunlight as I can get during the day, and one half of a sleeping pill to make sure I get a full night's sleep. This routine works for all of my travel–this past year it really was tested since I had to go back and forth to India, then to Hong Kong and then to Morocco, all within about 60 days!

Which fitness icon best describes your 'workout on the road' style?

image via

I would have to say I am more of a Bruce Jenner when it comes to working out on the road. I like to mix it up, depending on where I am and what mood I am in. If there is a pool, I swim. In a beautiful setting, I walk. If there is a gym I do treadmill and weights. If I don't have a lot of options or am on a busy schedule, (usually the case), I will throw down a big towel on the floor of my hotel room and do squats, sit ups and push ups.  

How do you keep sickness at bay?
Sleep, sleep, sleep. For me the best predictor of getting sick is lack of sleep. So as much as I possibly can, I try to go to bed early and get a good night's sleep. 

Susie Ellis welcomes His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama to the Global Spa & Wellness SummitWhat's your 'go-to' restaurant item?
One thing that I love, which is also healthy, is Greek salad. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, feta cheese and a dressing with Greek oregano...yum! But I have them hold the olives; I’m just not a fan. 

What do you do to stay grounded?
I travel with an inspirational booklet called God's Promises. Small and easy to pack, it has a table of contents that lists various life situations and then gives Bible verses and a prayer. It always calms me down and reminds me that I am not in charge of the universe. The verse, "When I am weak, then I am strong", is always a welcome balm.   

What is your preferred method of staying connected with loved ones?
Email is best for me. I rarely go more than a few hours without checking my email so that is what keeps me connected. While messaging, tweeting, facebooking, phone calls and Skype factor in here and there, it is email that is the most constant. For staying connected with my husband, I like the FaceTime app these days.  


Having released the Spafinder Wellness 365™ 2014 Spa & Wellness Trends Forecast today and just announced the 2014 Global Spa & Wellness Summit for September in Morocoo, Susie is staying busy. You can keep up with her Industry Insights blog or follow her on Twitter for the latest wellness news.


Kickstart Your Wellness on New Year's Eve

image viaIn my opinion, New Year’s Eve is arguably one of the best holidays of the year. It is an evening filled with the wonder of the possibility of a fresh start with friends and family. Plus it’s one of the only days of the year when it is acceptable to wear head-to-toe sequins – sign me up! A majority of us spend a significant amount of time making a resolution for the New Year, and if I were a betting gal I’d say most of all resolutions made on NYE have to do with improving personal health and wellness. As a firm believer in, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” let’s ditch the resolution mindset and start off your New Year’s Eve celebration in a healthier way. 

Walk To Your Celebration Destination – Ok we know you want to spend more time working out in 2014 (more than 12% of gym members join in January) so why not start tonight by walking to your party destination? Your legs will thank you and so will your complexion for that rosy glow! Walking also has the added benefit no one getting behind the wheel in a drunken haze. If walking is out of the question, catch a cab, jump on a bike or ride the bus in order to keep you and those around you safe. Mass transportation might be crowded tonight, but starting off the year with a reduced carbon footprint is a good reason to give yourself a pat on the back. 

Pamper Your Insides - Before the party starts, make sure to stay hydrated well throughout the day and eat at least one well-rounded meal. The consumption of alcohol later in the night can deplete your body of essential fluids and nutrients. We’re all nearly 2/3’s water so you don’t want to give the champagne a head start by being dehydrated when the bottles arrive. 

Impress Your Guests with Local Organic – Are you playing host this year? We know it can be tempting to grab a giant bag of chips and French Onion Dip from your nearest superstore and call it night. This year, why not surprise your guests with great tasting; filling organic and local treats at your soiree? If you’re cooking you’re one click away from some great health conscious snack recipes - check out our Pinterest page for some favorites! If you don’t feel like slaving away in the kitchen (we don’t blame you – head-to-toe sequins takes time!), shop your farmer’s market or a local gourmet shop and support the business of your town! 

Drink Responsibly - No New Year’s shindig is complete without a little pop, clink, and fizz! We think champagne is actually the best part of the night. This year commit to buying organic and really do your part for your body and the environment. We’ve already found some Cava and Prosecco worth considering. Now, raise your glass to 2014 and toast to a year of prosperity and continued wellness! - Jen Parravani


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