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Well on the Road: Kirsten Alana

Our Travel Tuesday series cozies up to fabulous entrepreneurs who spend countless hours away from home in the name of their passion. Here we asked them to share some of their secrets for staying well on the road.

Kirsten Alana | Travel Photographer

Kirsten Alana
Travel Photographer 
Most recently in: Germany and California

The one snack you can always find in my carry on is... Almonds!

Tell us your in-flight rituals.
Since I am an avid reader I like to catch up on reading; I never take the time to do that between trips when there is always some other kind of work that demands my attention. I also like to write for the fun of it, in paper notebooks. The thoughts and ramblings sometimes later turn into pieces for my blog or are just kept for personal enjoyment later on. Honestly, my favorite part of flying though is just starting out the window (in daylight hours). I love to see the earth from up above. What I need to be better at, is moving around and walking aboard the plane. I always request a window seat, end up trapped and then emerge from flights with very sore limbs!

How do you conquer jet lag once you've arrived? 
I try to never allow myself a nap on that first day but I do try and have a cup of coffee and a healthy meal. I don't sleep until it's time to do so according to the local time. Then, I take a melatonin pill to make sure I have a good, long sleep the first night. I also recommend staying busy on arrival day– things like bike rides or long, uninterrupted walks help.

Which fitness icon best describes your 'workout on the road' style?

image via

I am terrible about staying fit while travelling, except by staying active through long walks and bikes rides, so I guess I'd say Bruce. I always mix it up. I am trying to become more of a yoga person and I'd like to do more outdoor adventuring because I do like being in nature. However, my travel for work is always more city focused, than nature focused. 

How do you keep sickness at bay?
I carry airborne with me and I drink a glass with one tablet of the medicine every day. I try to get a lot of sleep and I'm not the person who stays out partying even after my work commitments are done for the day (as some other bloggers and writers do).  

What's your 'go-to' restaurant item? 
Steak! I'm such a meat and potatoes person it isn't even funny. Which is why I eat a lot of salads between trips, when I am at home!

Kirsten exploring Berlin

What do you do to stay grounded?
I am far more grounded when traveling, than at home. Living in NYC, it's easy to get caught up in all the wrong priorities. On the road, I'm more apt to get lost in cultures, stories, as well as the needs and worries of others that always seem more level headed than ours here in the USA.

What is your preferred method of staying connected with loved ones? 
WhatsApp or Skype- thank goodness for technology!

View life through Kirsten's lense as she inspires travel via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. At home in NYC, you can spot her as the InstagramNYC Community Manager and as a Walks of New York tour guide. 


How To: Participate in #TravelWell Twitter Chat

#TravelWell Twitter Chat Calendar Update

Participate every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 4:30pm EST. Below you'll find our current schedule.

Wed, May 7th: Travel Bans
Wed, May 21th: Bucket List Travel
Wed, June 4th: TBD
Wed, June 18th: Summer Festivals
Wed, July 2nd: Travel Freedom
Wed, July 16th: Destination: Thailand
Wed, Aug 6th: World Cuisine
Wed, Aug 20th: Staycations

How To: Participate in #TravelWell Twitter Chat

We are thrilled to announce the first ever Wellness Travel Chat taking place on Twitter this month! As wellness starts to integrate itself into the travel industry, people from all walks of life who are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and learning new healthy habits want to learn more. Join our Twitter Chat to share your views and get involved in a part of the industry that is revolutionizing individual well-being. Here are the basics:

What is a Twitter Chat?
An interactive Q&A set at a specific time on Twitter that revolves around a theme and can be followed by anyone posting with a hashtag. In our case: #travelwell.  

Who can participate?
Anyone with a Twitter account can join the conversation.

When does the #TravelWell chat happen?
Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4:30pm EST/ 1:30 PST for 30 minutes.  

How does it work?
Every week we'll pick a different theme to discuss and announce it via our social media channels. We'll post 6 questions, one every 5 minutes, and open the feed for discussion. The forum becomes a place to share your thoughts, ideas and meet some cool people who are interested in wellness travel. 

How do I join in?
1) Using a program such as Twubs, TweetChat or TweetDeck, and do a search for the hashtag #travelwell. Add a column or stream for this hashtag so you can follow the discussion (see image on right).

2) Wait for the question, which will look like this:
Q1: What does Wellness Travel mean to you? #travelwell 

3) Answer the question like this:
A1: The ability to enjoy a vacation & return home feeling rested, refreshed & rejuvenated. #travelwell
Every time you answer a question or reTweet with the #travelwell hashtag, it will show up in this feed for all to see.  

Follow Along
Make sure you join us Wednesday, September 18th @4:30pm EST for our #travelwell chat launch and follow the hosts so you don't miss any of the action.
Linden Schaffer:


So I Have Food Allergies: Part Two 


images viaSix short weeks ago my body snubbed every effort: working out, eating less and eating healthier all did nothing. I was bloated, slowly gaining weight and suffering from sneezing attacks weekly.

Fast forward to today, six weeks after being diagnosed with food allergies: I’ve lost 2+ inches around my waist, at least a half inch around my hips, my arms are significantly thinner and I am down approximately 15 pounds. I have not had a sneeze attack in 2 weeks and am waking up free of the usual congested or runny sinuses. Even better, this improved sleep has boosted my energy throughout the day, no coffee necessary!

Eliminating all the major offenders (for me: eggs, dairy, wheat and ginger) has been a huge challenge, but I am much more comfortable with it now than even 2 weeks ago. Part of me wishes I’d found out a long time ago, however I’m just happy I discovered the root problem and my body is responding positively. The importance of listening to our bodies’ signals and realizing that everything has its place in the journey has never felt clearer.

The silver lining is that this new lifestyle is finally starting to make a difference in my workout efforts. To give you an idea, over 5 weeks pre-allergy diagnosis, I saw absolutely no physical change doing P90X 4-5 days per week for an hour+ a night; not in my weight, not in my size. I was frustrated to say the least. Now I’m playing tennis, running short distances, lifting 1-2 times a week, and seeing changes almost daily. I can’t wait to see what even the next 6 weeks will bring.

So what’s next? I’m starting to experiment with gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free recipes. If anyone has any recommendations for creative, fun, or delicious vegan and gluten free dishes please feel free to share.

Here is one of my go-to favorites. The ingredient combination is amazing! - Jess

 Homemade Pizza (GF)

Make according to Bob's Red Mill Recipe 
(egg-free option using flaxseed meal & water*)

Pesto Sauce:
3/4 c olive oil
1 bunch, fresh basil
1/4 c pine nuts
1 clove garlic
salt & pepper to taste

Goat Cheese*

Jessica Geier is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and the co-owner of Raw Generation Juices. Raw Generation makes it more convenient to incorporate fresh juices into a busy lifestyle without being a slave to a juicer. Jessica trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and continues to educate herself daily on what’s new in the field of nutrition. In her spare time she runs, practices hot yoga, is obsessed with the Bar Method classes, and writes for her two blogs at Raw Generation & Plenty of Thyme. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter


Well on the Road: Derek Beres

Our Travel Tuesday series cozies up to fabulous entrepreneurs who spend countless hours away from home in the name of their passion. Here we asked them to share some of their secrets for staying well on the road.

Derek Beres | DJ, Yogi, Author | image via

Derek Beres
Creator of Flow Play @ Equinox
Co-Founder of EarthRise SoundSystem
Most recently in: New York City, Portland & Seattle 

The one snack you can always find in my carry on is... I load up on various bars, depending on what city I’m landing in and what options I’ll have when I arrive. As a vegan, airport food is sometimes completely unavailable, though happily a number of airports are starting to realize that people actually like to eat healthy food. My go-to bars: Lara, Go Macro, Vega.

Tell us your in-flight rituals. 
Book an aisle seat. At 6’ 4”, it’s painful being in the middle or scrunched by the window. I’m an incessant magazine subscriber, so my laptop bag always has a number of issues that I need to catch up on. I carry tea bags as I know that won’t be available—at least not drinkable tea. If possible, I try to get in a yoga class before I fly, so my hips are stretched out. Lastly, I throw a few movies on my iPad. Lately I’ve been on a Kurosawa kick, so tons of ‘60s samurai flicks.

How do you conquer jet lag once you've arrived? 
Eating when I land. My blood sugar levels go awry when I’m not consistent and flying always makes me hungry. I think we sometimes forget that in terms of human evolution, the ability to travel thousands of miles in a few hours, at tens of thousands of feet of elevation, is not exactly natural. Flying always messes with my nervous and digestive systems. Lots of water while I fly and after I land, a meal soon after, and if possible, a cat nap or workout before I go about my day.

Which fitness icon best describes your 'workout on the road' style?

image via

Mostly Gryllis, though Jenner when available. It really depends on where I’m traveling to. When I head to upstate New York to visit my best friend, we go for long hikes in the Bear Mountain chain (specifically Anthony Wayne mountain). Every time I visit a new city I have to walk at least a few miles. It kills me that people visit new areas and drive everywhere! If the hotel gym is amenable, I’ll use it, but that’s rare. I’m an incessant cross-trainer at heart, and no longer lift weights; all my strength and cardio training is done in intervals with my own body weight. I also recently started training in martial arts again. I’ll do those combined with yoga and I’m good to go.

How do you keep sickness at bay? 
I’d like to claim I have a consistent plan, but my travel schedule is usually so scattered that I do not. I will sometimes fly across country for a night to teach or play and then head straight back. So it’s tough. On work trips I’ll always choose a full night’s sleep over staying up late. The sleep component is big. I also make it a point to work out every if not nearly every day on the road, and to eat well. Traveling implies eating regional food; I love experiencing new restaurants, which inspires me when cooking at home. I try to stick to somewhat of a schedule, if possible.

What's your 'go-to' restaurant item? 
My favorite cuisine is Indian; you can always tell a good Indian restaurant by its samosas. I know it’s deep-fried, but life without samosas would be a sad place. My go-to dish is Channa Masala and chapati, since unfortunately they make naan with milk powder. Besides that, I usually go for hearty meals with grains in a colder environment, salads and fresh juices in warmer climates.

DJ'ing Tadasana in Santa Monica | Image via

What do you do to stay grounded?
Walking. Having lived in New York City for so long, the hardest part about adapting to Los Angeles has been car culture. I don’t mind, but you often have to drive somewhere to walk here. I love great walking cities: Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, Budapest, the medinas in Morocco at Fes, Rabat, and Casablanca. When I visit any city, walking immediately puts life into perspective.

What is your preferred method of staying connected with loved ones? 
Predominantly texting. I’m usually pretty busy while away, so it’s usually just a quick hello, with nightly phone calls to catch up with those I need to. I’m not a fan of sharing too many emotions or talking about personal issues on text or any other media, but for the ‘Hey, I’m here, it’s good’ stuff, texting works perfectly.

Follow Derek as he travels the world as an International DJ, yogi and author via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. For more info about Derek's upcoming projects like his new book, The Warrior’s Path: Living Yoga’s Ten Codes and his documentary, Global Beat Fusion: The History of the Future of Music check out his website.


Well on the Road: Kim D'Amato

Our Travel Tuesday series cozies up to fabulous entrepreneurs who spend countless hours away from home in the name of their passion. Here we asked them to share some of their secrets for staying well on the road.

Kim D'Amato | Priti NYC

Kim D'Amato
Founder/President of Priti NYC
Most recently in: Paris, London, Australia

The one snack you can always find in my carry on is...I’m not really a snack person. I am an avid believer in food being eaten at a table with friends and family. I don't usually eat on the run.

Tell us your in-flight rituals. 
Having completed aromatherapy classes, I prepare a little hydrosol spray for misting and oil for rubbing; it works wonders for relaxation and can help kill airplane germs.

How do you conquer jet lag once you've arrived? 
I swear by massages both before and after flying to conquer jet lag. On NYC to Europe flights, I always eat in the airport business lounge so that as soon as I board, I can fall asleep for the entire 6 hours. During the return flight, I stay awake and watch all the movies I want to see (it's my only time for catch-up!). Then I go directly for a massage, to bed and wake up to regular New York hours.

Which fitness icon best describes your 'workout on the road' style?

image via

Because I am on the go so much, I don’t have one style. I am lucky to have a gym and a rooftop pool (for the summer) in my NYC building and take advantage of my gym membership in Paris. Otherwise, I love getting my workouts in by walking or using the velib/bicycle systems to explore the countries I travel to.

How do you keep sickness at bay? 
To stay healthy, I drink lots of water and of course, use my essential oils, which I believe in wholeheartedly. Someone also once told me the secret of an allergy-free and healthy immune system is to eat honey of the local bees, so I usually find myself at a market grabbing a mouthful, if possible.

What's your 'go-to' restaurant item? 
I’m an avid fan of vegetables. I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 16, so fish is a top choice for me as well. I love to try the local flavors and ingredients of each country when travelling.

Kim in Split, Croatia

What do you do to stay grounded? 
In the last three weeks I’ve been back and forth from NYC to London, Paris and Australia. It's a dream but takes its toll. My love for travel makes it worthwhile and I always try to come back to that perspective to stay grounded.

What is your preferred method of staying connected with loved ones? 
Like everyone I know, I'm on Facebook. It helps me stay connected to family and friends all over the globe.

Follow Kim as she travels the world representing Priti NYC's organic, vegan and 5-free beauty products via Facebook, TumblrTwitter. For the inside scoop on keeping healthy 'from head to toe', visit the Priti NYC website.

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